Our Manufacturing Process

Processing & Filling

  1. Sourcing: Water sourced from an artesian well deep underground
  2. Disinfection: is chlorinated to eliminate bacteria, yeast and mould
  3. Filtration: Removes sediment
  4. Carbon Filtration: Utilizes a carbon filter to remove chlorine and other organic materials
  5. Softeners: Removes certain minerals that causes the "hardness" in the water
  6. Micro Filtration Remove Solids: to remove microscopic particles
  7. Reverse Osmosis: dissolved solids and salts, and other impurities
  8. Ozonation: injection of ozone into the water to eliminate any bacteria, yeast and mould and preserves the fresh, clean taste. Ozone completely dissipates a few hours after bottling leaving only pure water.
  9. Bottling: 100% automated bottling line where the bottles created, rinsed, filled, capped, labelled, dated and packed into the relevant packages – the entire process is totally hands free
  10. Warehousing & Distribution.