Blue Waters Source

Have you ever wondered where does the water for Blue Waters bottled water come from? The answer is easy, it’s from an artesian well! This artesian well is located in Orange Grove, at the manufacturing facilities of Blue Waters. You are probably thinking now, what is an artesian well? Let’s answer this for you. An artesian well is created when pressure builds up below the ground, becoming great enough that water flows naturally to the surface. The name "artesian" is derived from Artois, France, where such wells were sunk as early as 1126. In some instances, a well is drilled into an aquifer, a water-bearing layer of porous rock. The aquifer lies between two impervious layers of rock, that is, layers of rock through which water cannot pass. The weight of the water held in the upper portions of the aquifer results in the pressure that forces water to rise in the well. Where there is a natural opening in the impervious layer above an aquifer, water is sometimes forced to the surface, forming an artesian spring. The water in many artesian systems is pure, while in others it is strongly mineralized. Our water is sourced directly from one such aquifer to supply our state-of-the-art bottling plant with the natural water that goes into Blue Waters products. Blue Waters then purifies this artesian well water, bottles it and then delivers directly to our customers from our facilities. We take tremendous pride in our prompt and efficient delivery service, as well as our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Read more about our manufacturing and bottling process in the following section.