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Blue Waters management and employees work daily to create and maintain healthy relationships, uniting our efforts in never disappointing our customers. This is the fundamental way of how we do things at Blue Waters. It is essentially “The Blue Waters Way”

It is here, the employees of Blue Waters Products Limited find their mission, “To Profitably Inspire and Delight those we choose to serve, with Quality, Functional and Great Tasting Beverages!” .

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Garage Mechanic


The Mechanic is required to perform maintenance activities on a range of Fleet assets used to deliver Blue Waters products to customers. The job holder will conduct preventative maintenance, inspections and breakdown maintenance on assets by established standards and schedules and report on service repairs.



  • Liaise with the Supervisor daily to create a daily service plan
  • Assess vehicles and machinery to accurately diagnose and repair issues and communicate vehicular defects or problems to the Supervisor and customer
  • Explain to clients the nature of the repairs required, the plan of action, and the options available to them
  • Complete all maintenance activities according to established schedules and standards.
  • Conduct preventative maintenance activities on Fleet vehicles – Inspection, testing, engine tune-ups, oil and other fluids changes, tire rotation and changes, wheel balancing, and replacing filters.  
  • Maintain vehicle functional condition by repairing engine failures; repairing mechanical and electrical systems malfunctions; replacing parts and components; and repairing body damage.
  • Verifies vehicle serviceability by conducting test drives; and adjusting controls and systems, in compliance with manufacturer-standard vehicle requirements
  • Complete accurate work order as per established standards.
  • Maintains vehicle records by recording service and repairs.


  • Assist in maintaining an efficient and effective shop by, but not limited to communicating work orders and observing workflow progress on the shop to ensure the work is completed to specified requirements promptly as per established standard
  • Account for all tools and workshop equipment and keep shop equipment operating by following operating instructions, troubleshooting breakdowns, performing preventive maintenance and testing regularly to ensure high standards are maintained, reporting any nonconformance to the Fleet Manager
  • Follow up on requests for parts with the store clerk.
  • Secure at the end of each day all machinery parts and equipment and immediately report to the Supervisor/ Manager any lost/stolen parts and equipment.
  • Maintain and clean garage equipment and tools to ensure they are kept in a safe and usable condition at all times


  • Five (5) CXC passes including Mathematics and English
  • A Diesel or Gas Technician’s Certificate would be considered an asset


  • At least 2 years’ proven experience in Fleet Operations in Distribution, Transport or Construction environment.
  • Must Possess a Heavy-T Driver’s Permit



Technical Operator

The Technical Operator facilitates the continuous production of approved quality products during the Production Cycle. The job holder continuously monitors the Production Line to detect machine abnormalities, product quality defects and troubleshoot machinery to achieve high machine efficiency. He/she must start up, shut down, carry out product format changes and perform minor mechanical repairs while ensuring man, machine and product safety is maintained through adherence to established Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Health and Safety policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).


Key Objectives
Machine Start Up and Monitoring the Production Lines:
· Start up the Line and confirming machine parameters, physical parts and recipe is in place for the scheduled .
· Verify that the raw materials placed by the Line for the production run are correct, sufficient, and meet quality standard.
· Load raw materials onto the machine before startup and replenish materials when needed to maintain the production run
· Monitor the Line to ensure machine efficiency levels are maintained and meets set standards
Machine Change Over and Shut down
· Verify raw materials are depleted before changing over or shutting down machines at scheduled downtime.
· Contribute to maintenance cost reduction and Overall Equipment Effectiveness optimization by ensuring machinery defects are immediately identified, communicated, and escalated.
· Monitors the production cycle, analyze malfunctions and make minor mechanical adjustments to bring machine back to specification.
Routine Testing & Maintenance Works / Overhauls
· Remove worn parts, install replacements, and perform minor maintenance work to instruction as specified in operator manual.
· Execute standard lubrication (daily and weekly), maintenance, cleaning and service operations according to plan.
· Minimum of a Certificate in Mechanical Engineering Technician (MET) or Electrical & Electronics Engineering Technician Diploma (EEET)
· At least 2 years working experience in a manufacturing environment OR
· A minimum of 2 years’ experience as a Plant Operator and a Journeyman Certificate

Warehouse Supervisor

The Warehouse Supervisor achieves high levels of customer satisfaction through excellence in receiving, storing, staging, preparation for shipping and shipping of finished goods and/or materials, stock control, and customer services. They manage, measure and report the effectiveness of warehousing activities and employees’ performance. 

Assistant Warehouse Manager

The Assistant Warehouse Manager leads the short-term and day-to-day activities of the Finished Goods Warehouse for accurate and On Time Delivery to warehouse customers while ensuring no stock shrinkage or differences and that standards of operation including GMP, safety and assess management are met. They also oversee the efficient dispatch of goods, return handling and repacking of goods from the Finished Goods Warehouse by coordinating people, processes and systems to meet productivity, stock accuracy and cost targets.


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